Expanded production line from 2018.
With better production capacity and strict quality standards, we can provide you with even more peace of mind and safety.

Our factoryOUR FACTORY

Vellsheena’s approach is to respond to a wide range of diverse customer needs by responding to small orders and multiple items while ensuring thorough quality control and high safety through in-house factory production. In our seamless work environment with extensive facilities, our experts in planning, development and manufacturing work together to create products that satisfy our customers. Please feel free to contact us about the development of cosmetics that have not been seen before, as well as complex processes by hand.

Our commitment to safety and security, which we promise our customers

  • We conduct stability tests of formulations and commercialize them after passing our strict standards.
  • With FIFO and thorough temperature management, production is always carried out using fresh raw materials.
  • We have established our own guidelines on hygiene standards and quality standards to ensure high quality.

Advantages of our factory.Benefits for customers

  • Benefits 01
    Supports a wide variety of specifications such as container and package shape.
    The production line is capable of various specifications such as assembly of bottles and packages, labeling, shrink processing, and complex assembly work.We also support packages that require detailed manual work.We can produce unique products that will stand out in the market.
  • Benefits 02
    Thorough quality control in a clean environment certified for quasi-drugs manufacturing
    Vellsheena has obtained permission to manufacture and sell quasi-drugs in addition to cosmetics. We will completely prepare the manufacturing environment for cosmetics, quasi-drugs, help with product development and productization with a wide variety of products.

Introduction of Yamanashi factory

  • Practicing high-level quality control based on cosmetics GMP
    Vellsheena thoroughly implements quality control in accordance with iso22716 cosmetics GMP, a high-level proper manufacturing standard that is an European standard and produces high-quality cosmetics with a high standard of safety.
  • Have confidence in a production team with a thorough knowledge of cosmetic OEM.
    One team that has acquired the know-how of cosmetics manufacturing coming together to deliver a quick, accurate and polite service. While always thinking about our customers, we are working on solid manufacturing of quality so that our products can be used safely and securely.
  • The "water-blessed" environment at the foot of the Southern Alps
    It was established in Minami-Alps city with the desire to build a factory in a place with clean water. Taking advantage of the ideal climate and water at the foot of the Southern Alps, we are developing superior products. It is easily accessible from the city center and facilitates smooth cooperation with the Tokyo office.


Water Purification system High-quality water from the Southern Alps is refined to be suitable for cosmetics
Vacuum emulsifier (200 kg / 500 kg) By stirring and emulsifying while heating and cooling in a vacuum, emulsified particles can be produced for fine and smooth creams. We also manufacture viscous gels and hair treatments.
Dissolution layer (300 kg, 600 kg) A mixed layer for pre-dissolving the raw materials of the aqueous layer and oil layer. It can be stirred while heating and cooling.
Homogenizer/Disper (for low-volume production) We manufacture small quantities up to about 50 kg/batches, which cannot be pre-mixed or stirred with vacuum emulsification equipment
Air washing bottle equipment Air cleaner that removes dirt such as paper powder and resin powder in the container with a filter that discharges / inhales air
Filling machine (low viscosity, high viscosity / small amount, large capacity) Because both accuracy and speed are required, piston type and morno pump type filling machines are used according to the quantity characteristics and capacity.
Capper Versatile automatic capper adaptable to a wide variety of cap closings. Achieves accurate production while controlling torque
Shrink packaging machine (tunnel type, L type automatic packaging machine) In order to maintain the surface finish accuracy during shrinkage, tunnel shrink corresponds to bag film depending on container shape and size, L-type shrink that can handle complex shapes.
Sheet mask automatic folding machine Sheet mask fabrics of all materials are automatically folded and loaded into a three-way bag. At Vellsheena we mainly use biocellulose.
Sheet mask automatic filling and sealing machine An automatic machine that sets a three-way bag loaded with a mask folding machine and then performs filling, engraving, sealing, and pressurization tests at high speed. Average production volume 2,500 to 3,000 sheets/hour.
Bliss Pack Automatic Packaging Machine An automatic machine that fills and wraps quantities in a new type of package called a bliss pack that combines a blister and a pouch. Expand the use of cosmetics
Bliss pack
As a new package with a three-dimensional shape, "Bliss Pack" is attracting attention in the cosmetics industry. Vellsheena was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce bliss pack manufacturing systems that require special and advanced processing technology. Various types of filling, sealing, and opening processing and package printing are possible. We provide original products with excellent design and functionality made in Japan.

Benefits of our Vietnam Factory

  • Benefits 01
    Advanced fermentation technology creates high-quality cellulose from coconut water
    Biocellulose masks are a high-density sheet mask made of natural cellulose using advanced fermentation technology using coconut water as a raw material. We have established a factory in Ben Che, Vietnam, it is a special production area for coconuts. Supply is quick and stable through our own production lines.
  • Benefits 02
    Processed into a mask at a GMP certified factory. After the safe sterilization process, it will be shipped to the Yamanashi factory.
    The Vietnam plant is an ISO22716 (cosmetics GMP) certified factory, which is an international standard. Under a strict management system, we send it to Japan through processes such as cellulose production, sheet mask molding, sterilization, etc. Finally, sheet masks are filled, sealed, and tested at our own factory in Yamanashi.
Bio cellulose mask
A highly functional natural cellulose "biocellulose mask" made by culturing and fermenting acetic acid bacteria in coconut water. The gel-like high-density sheet with nano-level ultra-fine fibers has excellent water retention, adhesion, and enables efficient penetration of serums into the skin. We have our own factory in Ben Che, Vietnam, which is known for its coconuts, which gives us a stable supply.