High screening ability and light feeling/AQUACERIA

AQUACERIA for anti-photoaging


Photoaging is the premature aging symptoms, such as wrinkles, pigmented spots, and slacks, due to UV, visible light, infrared radiation from the sun, and can causes skin cancer.


Chronical exposure to sunray can also cause aging symptoms of eyes and other diseases such as cataract.

Appropriate usage of sun screeners can prevent photoaging

Chronical usage of SPF 15 or higher and PA+ or higher sunscreening cosmetics in actual application will prevent photoaging.

Aqua Ceria is the third UV reflector against photoaging

UV reflector for non-chemical prescriptions

Aqua Ceria is a new ultraviolet filtering agent from cerium oxides. Cerium is a kind of rare earth element, and cerium oxide is called “ceria”. Aqua Ceria is produced through the unique nano-technology and Platinum coating. This method achieved to create hydrosoluble ceria. Aqua Ceria is the third UV care cosmetic ingredient with high dispersibility and inhibit oxidization activity following after oxidized titanium and zinc oxide. Grant Co., Ltd. filed a patent application of its production method on 20th February 2013.

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Transmittance of AQUACERIA LIGTH 100%(Sample thickness: 10 mm)

Transmittance analysis by spectrum of AQUACERIA LIGTH 200~1100nm
Place 0.05g sample and a cover glass on a glass slide to measure transmittance. Cerium oxide screens more than 99% in wavelength range from 325 nm to 1,100 nm, while titanium oxide screens more than 99% in wavelength range from 325 nm to 490 nm. The result suggests even thinly-applied cerium oxide blocks UV, blue light, and far-infrared wavelength ranges effectively.

  • ● UV wavelength range: 200 nm – 380 nm
  • ● Blue light wavelength range: 380 nm – 500 nm
  • ● Near-infrared wavelength range: 750 nm – 1400 nm*

Nano Aqua Ceria products

1. Light feeling
Aqua Ceria is soluble in water and has light feeling.
2. High UV screening ability
Aqua Ceria blocks 99 percent of UV-B and UV-A wave (WL: 10- 441nm).
3. Petrochemical Free
Aqua Ceria is consisted of water (H2O), Ceria (CeO2), and platinum (PT) only. It enables us non-petrochemical prescriptions through processes.
4. No reactive oxygen
Aqua Ceria has lower photocatalytic performance and overwhelmingly high antioxidant ability than other UV screeners.