What is your product line up?
We develop and provide ranging highly value-added and unique cosmetic products such as skin care products (solid/ liquid face wash), cleansings (oil, milk, gel), cosmetic lotions, serums, creams (gel/ cream), facial masks (mud, cotton facial mask sheet), make up products (foundation, lip stick, eye liner, eye shadow, concealer), hair care products (shampoo, treatment, essential oils, perm solutions), body care products (aroma massage oils, scrub), oral care products (mouth wash, oral rinse), and fragrances.
Can I have a consultation about product planning or marketing?
We propose you product planning based on your demands, target audience, and concept. We can also conduct market research for you.
Do I need to design products?
Our design team proposes you brand name, logo, containers, package design ideas. We can use the design data you have already had.
How much does it cost to develop samples?
We do not basically charge you for sample production. Although the cost of marketing and design varies depends on the project scale, you will get a quotation before launch.
How long does it take to release a product?
After prescription completed, it takes for 1.5 to 3 months for stability and safety test of the prescription and products in a container.
*Quasi-drugs will require 6 to 12 months for pharmaceutical applications.
How long does it take to get a sample product?
It takes for approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
What is the minimum lot requirement?
The minimum lot of the products in original printed containers is 1,000. The minimum amount of small lot produced products in containers with labels is 100 to 500. (It depends on products. Please contact us for further details.)
How much does it cost?
It depends on product specs and lots, and you will obtain a quotation after the meeting. We also can propose you specifications based on your budget and lot requirement.
Can I request materials?
You may specify your request as long as fulfilling cosmetic material criteria. Please contact us for further detail on your request materials and new material handling.