Reactive oxygen removal agent / Hydrogen Powder

Suppress reactive oxygen

1. Minimum molecular mass
Hydrogen has antioxidant effects as Vitamin C does. Hydrogen, smaller than Vitamin C, protects you from harmful reactive oxygen in the whole body.
2. No harm to beneficial reactive oxygen
Hydrogen behaves as a reducing agent.
Hydrogen removes only Hydroxyl radical and other harmful reactive oxygen without affecting to beneficial ones.
3. No adverse effect

Hydrogen reacts with harmful reactive oxygen and forms water. Exceeding hydrogen will be excreted out of body with no adverse effect.

VL Hydrogen is an authorized food additive by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and has attracted attention in medical and beauty fields.

VL Hydrogen powder: Vellsheena’s proprietary prescription

VL Hydrogen powder generate more than 100 times the amount of hydrogen gas when compared to magnesium hydride

VL Hydrogen powder recorded more than 100 times amount of hydrogen gas generation compared with magnesium-hydroxide-based facial gel masks on the market.

How to use: mix powder with gel
Easy to clean
Low molecular transmits plastic. Transmission experiment of hydrogen gas

1. Add drops of reagent for detection of Hydrogen to water, and place the solution in a plastic bag.
2. Add VL Hydrogen powder to water to generate hydrogen gas.
3. Place blue solution (1) in solution (2)
4. Hydrogen penetrates the plastic bag and change solution (1) into transparent.

Hydrogen cosmetics with VL Hydrogen powder

– Hydrogen facial mask
– Hydrogen clay facial mask
– Hydrogen gel facial mask