Enzyme activator made from Natto Fungi / Enzamin

Enzamin: low calorie natto fungi fermentation metabolic extract

Enzamin is low molecular extract and owns high heat and acid resistant

Enzamin is produced by maturing of fermentation of enhanced Natto fungi for 6 months. Enzyme, polysaccharide, and other fungal materials produced during that period are discomposed into low molecular extract, which has high heat and acid resistancy.

納豆菌発酵代謝エキス 「エンザミン(Enzamin)」の期待で出来る効果

1. Beautiful skin

According to the comparative test on skin texture conditions (elastic force, water volume, pores, pigmentation, luminance) between a subject group that took collagen and another group that took only collagen, taking collagen with ENM showed better results in all aspects. Enzamin amplifies collagen’s functions. (Tested by Otemachi Park Clinic)

Other outcomes:
– Collagen cell activation
– Skin inflammation and melamine pigment cell activation suppression
– Fibroblast and collagen generation in skin, and hyaluronic acid generation
2. Blood sugar level/
 Uric acid level suppression
Diabetes mellitus evokes disorders of the organs and eyes. It slowly progresses without a symptom and results in a serious complication.
It is verified Enzamin controls the blood sugar level and uric acid level.
3. Blood pressure control
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is considered as a life-related disease, and the number of young patients has sharply risen. Fujita Health University Hospital proved Enzamin suppresses your systolic blood pressure and cholesterol, and improves renal functions as well. (Tested by Fujita Health University Hospital)
4. Arthralgia relief
Enzamin prevents intra-articular inflammation and enhances dramatically hyaluronic acid generations, which behaves as a lubricant of joints, when used concurrently with glucosamine and chondroitin. (Tested by Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.)
5. Cerebral/
 Myocardial Infarction prevention
Two biggest death causes in Japan are heart disorder and brain disorder. Enzamin has thrombolysis effect to prevent cerebral and myocardial infarctions. (Tested by Department of Medicine, Kinki University)

Cosmetics and health food with Enzamin

・cosmetic lotions ・moisturizers ・creams ・facial masks ・shampoo and treatment ・energy drink ・tablets