OEM cosmetics production flow

Integrated support from manufacturing, package design, and marketing

We have realized a streamlined development flow and smooth progress from prototype production, manufacturing, quality to after sales service. We are commited to exceeding your expectations in price and quality.

1.Marketing/ Planning

Best-sold cosmetics need to be distinguished from competitors in terms of cost and quality. Product characteristics also need to harmonize with the market characteristics. Vellsheena’s product development starts with marketing and planning.

2.Prescription development / Sample review

Our cosmetic prescription developments are built on marketing information and your needs. Improvements of a sample will continue until you are satisfied with its usability and functions.

3.Stability test

Only prescriptions that meet a customer compliant and stringent criteria will be released to the market.
Materials, containers, and others also need to pass general pathogen tests, fungal tests, durability test against UV ray and heat, and skin irritating test.

4.Package design

Our package design service provides you naming, logos, and copies. We also propose you promotion tool planning as well.

5.Production / Mass production

All the production flows are completed at the Yamanashi factory. We can also make arrangements for special packaging and shipping.

6.After-sales service

We support your prescription and package renewal according to your feedback You can release products promptly demanded by the market with our continuous after-sales service.

Please contact us for OEM cosmetic production or product renewal.