story3/4 Our varied product lines

Our varied product lines meet your diversified needs.

Products and prescriptions change with time.
We anticipate that our flexible strategies and wide range of products will meet your expectations.
You will find part of our product line up listed below:

For esthetic clinics
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・Massage oils/ Carrier oils ・Undiluted solutions (placenta, vitamin C) ・Massage creams ・Facial masks
・Peelers ・Cleansing/creams/oil/oil ・Face wash foams/creams/moisturizers/milky lotions/creams
・Body cream/gel ・Ultrasound/flash light gel ・Depilatories

Skin care products
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・Cleansing (cream/milky lotion, oil, water type)  ・Facial cleansings (foam/soap) ・Moisturizers
・Milky lotions  ・Creams  ・All-in-one gel creams ・Peeling gels ・Rinse-off facial masks
・Facial masks (sheet, gel)

Hair care products
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・Shampoos ・Treatments ・Hair essences(non-rinse treatment) ・Hair oils ・Hair tonics ・Scalp essences

Body care products
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・Body shampoos ・Body lotions ・Body creams ・Body scrubs ・Sliming gels/creams ・Massage oils/creams

Make up products
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・Liquid foundations ・Powder foundations ・Trance lucent loose powders ・Powder eye shadows
・Pencil eye shadows ・Pencil eye liners ・Liquid eye liners ・Eye brow liners ・Mascaras ・Lip liners
・Lip grosses ・Concealers.

Mouth care products

・Mouthwashes ・Mouth sprays ・Mouth essence ・Toothpastes ・Tooth gels ・Sheet-type mouth cleaner